Create Industry Targeted Business Directory with DirectoryPro

Lots of businesses are looking for a good online business directory

If you’ve ever tried to promote a business online, finding a good, targeted business directory is a challenge. But the demand for good business directories is high, creating an imbalance between supply and demand that you can take advantage of. Most businesses with web sites seek online business directories to get some good targeted traffic back to their web site. The more specific a business directory is, the more potential there is for targeted traffic. So, now that you know that there’s a good niche to fill by creating a targeted business directory, contact us today to look at how we can assist you to generate extra revenue or income-producer.

Advertising Spaces

Grow your revenue stream with the inbuilt advertising spaces. Sell a spot and configure it the way you wish, be that via impressions or for a set period of time. It’s your system – use it how you want. DirectoryPro is loaded with most appropriate advertising spaces & standard sizes from the start, Google Ads or just SEO friendly text links. It has all the banner tools you’ll need to turn a profit from your advertisers.

Charge Fees for submissions

A unique feature that comes in DirectoryPro is user registration on the site who can submit their items under different listings. You can easily turn this to generate revenues for your business by charging fees against their submissions. Keep DirectoryPro and keep adding value to your business all the way.

Featured Paid and Free Listings

DirectoryPro offers does not stop on giving you option to add unlimited categories, but it goes far beyond that. Listings of different genres like Free, Paid, featured can be added. If a listing is not free to add, you can charge users against it and can add value to your business. Directory multipurpose is not a theme but your personal business assistant indeed.

Location Based Searches

Have a directory site and need more purified search option? DirectoryPro offer the best & refined ways to search the listing / items of choice. It offers a feature of location based search that provides users with items / listings from a specific location. Johannesburg for Johannesburg’s finder, very convenient indeed!

Create Industry Targeted Business Directory with DirectoryPro